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Video: -6BZt_GgVrI

October 2013 to March 2015

Title東方 Touhou Classic/Folk 182
DescriptionTitle: 春の湊に
Artist: 尾形廣 (Kou Ogata)
Circle: k-waves LAB
Album: 東方Projectごちゃまぜアイリッシュ風プレ版楽曲CD
Original: 春の湊に (At the End of Spring)
HIS website:

I despise tests.

Sorry for the delay, but saying that now is totally useless.

Instead, let's talk about K-waves. If you don't know him already, k-waves has been in the touhou business for quite a bit, since roughly C75.
A circle composed by one lonely Japanese guy, and one of the best when it comes to Touhou folk, not to mention one of the only ones (not to mention O-Life, but O-Life does just plain weird stuff). Not only that, no synth here, in fact, on Kou's site you can see his "one-man-band" skills, playing the ukulele/lute, flutes/wind instruments, accordions and even pianos.

The guy is really good, but as you can tell, he records the song of about 1:30 and then just loops it once, not complaining though, that's how OST works after all, better loop than leave an incomplete short track, well that's how I think anyways, although nothing beats actually completing the whole song.

This song is from his R7 mini album, it contains 4 tracks of pure folk, totally worth checking out. I'm hoping that next convention Kou releases an actual album, as in 7/8 tracks of orgasm.

Also, finally here's the image pack for you guys, so sorry for the delay, in it are the images from video 161 to 180 and of course included inside, in it's own folder, is the doujin used on Valentine's day, with credit to the original artist and his website.
You can get said pack of course on our typical site, by navigating to the "poltergeist list" section:

Also, talking about crediting image artists, here's the artist of this image's website:

He does some really awesome work. Give a look around, should be all SFW.

Without further ado thanks for watching!