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Video: 1Pj0OcTvBSo

February 2014 to March 2015

TitleTouhou Remix I.61 (Rock Vocal) Nemesis' Stronghold
Description♦ Title: 要塞ネメシス
♦ Arranger: 709sec.
♦ Lyrics:709sec.
♦ Vocal: 709sec.
♦ Album: Double Spoiler
♦ Original Composer: ZUN
♦ From: 東方文花帖 ~ Double Spoiler

Alright, sorry for the rant in the description of the last video. Here's an arrange of Nemesis's Stronghol, the 3rd event coverage theme !

ZUN said he felt like "the melody is a bit manly handsome", and I have to agree. This song is definitely manly handsome.

♦ Picture:


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