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October 2013 to March 2015

TitleDark PHOENiX ヴォヤージュ1969
DescriptionMade a few mistakes with the silent sections, but I can't be bothered enough to go and fix it as it'd take me more time. Enjoy the Eirin art nonetheless

Title: ヴォヤージュ1969
Better known as: Final Stage theme - ヴォヤージュ1969 (Voyage 1969)
From: 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night

Artist: Dark PHOENiX
Album: 2009.08.15 [DPCD-0903] ShotShell III [C76]
Year: 2009

MP3 available at:!Us1HmQZQ!PD871i3tQVKgrZlvjWAT5X41Sd5wGTqw4HZE3JoLuQg

More info on the CD:
More info on the CD:

Art is from danbooru and moe.imouto. I don't own any of the images nor the music used in this video!!