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April 2014 to March 2015

TitleCtC Last Word Theme: Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial
DescriptionThis is the Last Word theme from the fan-made Touhou game published by danmaq, Touhou Mutsuigeki ~ Concealed the Conclusion

Original: 月時計 ~ ルナ・ダイアル / Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial
(Sakuya Izayoi's theme, from 東方紅魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil)

Last Word!! Spell Card Attack!!

Spell Card "Huang Long's Killing Claw"
The Chinese gatekeeper kicks and slashes at you with a spectrum of danmaku flowering around her; she may be almost perfect in the art of combat, but Meiling is still as predictable as ever.

Spell Card "Redrum Party"
"Kirisame, I'm trying to clean! Get out!!" the elegant maid screams, and a wall of crimson knives and scarlet orbs of light appear around her -- and they're all aimed straight at you. Easy dodging, as it's just another one of her desperation cards designed to scare you away (which it won't -- these magic books are much too valuable for that). A couple of rounds later and she's down; Sakuya's time has run out. "Just... don't let me catch you around here again today..."

Spell Card "Scarlet Behind"
Not her usual style, but the danmaku is all the same; she speeds past you and bullets spread out and encircle her, then spiral out to attack you from behind. Remilia was never really about technique anyway.

Spell Card "Ancient Elemental"
What day of the week is it? All of Patchouli's magic seems to be enhanced today. Must be a leap year.

Spell Card "Rainbow Facet"
A rainbow web traps you, while blazing comets whizz past you at the speed of sound. It's difficult to move, but Kaguya's spells have always been overwhelming.

Spell Card "Almagest"
Eientei's residents are very keen on traps and mazes. Eirin's is particularly endearing, but she's always loved tests of intelligence; maybe that's why she doesn't think much of you.

Spell Card "Effective Fake"
Just like her Ancient Duper. Tricksters can't trick other tricksters, Tewi.

Spell Card "Noxious Tempest"
This was the worst idea.

Spell Card "Kick With Tall Hollow Clogs"
Aya, that's pretty dangerousOHMYGOD----AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAA *shoom*

Spell Card "Punishment of the Ten Evil Acts"
Shikieki's punishments are brutal. Why do you continue to sin? Of course, you aren't afraid of the Yama, and life after death isn't something you want to imagine. You only have one human life, and you will spend it being who you are; not even the Judge herself will bring you down.

Spell Card "Meltzer's Chess Automaton"
She's calmed down from your last meeting, but that feeling of betrayal is still visible in her eyes, and tangible in her attacks. This doll is vicious, and now you're certain that Alice does, in fact, channel her conscience into her lifeless dolls.

Spell Card "Shrine of Order and Chaos"
The card's title echoes the previous destruction of your last adventure; not unusual of Yukari to blacken the mood.

Spell Card "Slash of the Four Noble Truths"
This reminds you of a card from years back, during the Cherry Tree incident. Youmu's attacks are all quite similar, but there's probably not much you can do with a sword besides cut and slash.

Spell Card "The Bride Standing Behind You"
Enchanting butterflies swarm either side of you while red bullets rain down upon your head. But for some reason, you keep checking behind you. You feel a strange presence there, while Yuyuko stands with a quiet smile on her face.

Spell Card "Hakurei Gravity Release Barrier"
She's donned her funeral clothes again, and is trying to manipulate the abilities she had after death. So far, it seems Reimu's learned how to manipulate the laws of physics using magic...

Spell Card "Zenki Goki Formation"
Two types of danmaku shoot out and disperse from the oni girl and squeeze you into extremely uncomfortable places. Ironic of Suika to be using two oni Shikigami as spells.

Spell Card "Yin-Yang Balsam Flower"
Well, this is new. Reimu's amulets bloom out into a fantastic flower formation, while Yin-yang orbs orbit the pattern and aim directly at you. The spell appears to be distorting the fabric of reality, and you struggle to focus. The desire to keep your score of 0-1 gives you the determination to win, and as the spell begins to finish, you move straight up close to the shrine maiden's face, and as time begins to freeze, and the spell begins to time out, you smirk, and mouth the words:

"I win."