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October 2013 to February 2014

Title[東方 /Rock/ Arrange] xi-on - Green-Eyed Jealousy
Description[Title] - Green-Eyed Jealousy
[Author/Circle] - xi-on / 彩音 ~xi-on~
[Album] - 東方志奏 3rd Spell -Asteroid Orbit-
[Event] - Comiket 76
[Original] - Green-Eyed Jealousy ~ Parsee Mizuhashi's Theme
[Game] - Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism

I decided to tackle this one with a little more emphasis on the visual part than I usually do... That's something I've got to work on when I get the opportunity more often.
I tried browsing either for a beautiful and a pitiful picture at once. This is because I think xi-on, not only this time around, but in a big chunk of his works always manages to bring up both sides of the coin: powerful and gorgeous alike.

Perhaps it could be said that this type of musical intake truly fits the Jealous Princess. And while she's entitled to such a graceful status like princess, she needs to keep her composture as such, even when she's enbathed by all the circumstances we've come to know that surrond our Parsee, awful frustration, burning jealousy.
Can you imagine what would be our Parsee without those green eyes? Regardless of whatever antics surround this fact? I want to say it, she wouldn't be as... gorgeous. And what is one of the greatest archetypes of a princess? Prettiness, am I right? Are you following? It seems our Parsee's dreaded decadent feelings are Parsee's fate itself, in more than just a few ways. It's truly a cursed fate to be tied with that of a destructive feeling like jealousy. And jealousy at that... Such a shameful, disgusting feeling... You die by your own sword, a body corrupted into ashes, from the inside, to the outside.

"Jealousy only begets further jealousy, so as she went mad from her own jealousy, she became able to fan the flames of jealousy in the hearts of others."
Unfortunately for Parsee, there's no pot, no well, no lake and ocean in this world (much less in Gensokyo :3) capable of storing all the jealousy she's accumulated throughout the ages. Whether or not she realizes it herself, blissful be her if she doesn't, because even if she did, nothing could be made of this. "jealousy overcomes her and she attacks", to be forced into a strike you don't want to is countless times worse than making the hit out of your own accord.

Granted, all these ingredients, the recipe of jealousy, they usually mix for some pretty melancholic arranges. xi-on is no exception. And while bringing down a violin, or piano to cry is a simpler task to manage, to shed a river of tears out of your electric guitar is something even more admirable.