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October 2013 to March 2015

Title【東方非想天則 Tourney】 MA08 - SailorMercury(Utsuho) vs kkcwkoh(Reisen)【Animangaki '12】
DescriptionAnimangaki 2012 ~ Touhou Gentoushou
- Touhou Hisoutensoku Tournament -

~ Group A Match ~
MA08 - SailorMercury(Utsuho Reiuji) VS kkcwkoh(Reisen Udonge Inaba)

Participants Allocated in Group A:
- Meguri - 2 points
- Apocalypse - 2 points
- Kisaragi - 2 points
- Derrick - 0 point
- SailorMercury - 4 points
- kkcwkoh - 4 points

Tournament Playlist:
Group A :
Group B :
Group C :
Group D :
Winner's Bracket :
Loser's Bracket :
Animangaki is a 2-days anime / manga / game convention event which was organized by my University (Sunway University). Various entertainments such as Cosplay, Art, Band Performances, AMV competitions and the likes are found within this particular event, as you would in any other anime convention.

The Hisoutensoku Tournament for this year is organized at the Touhou Corner, which is led by none other than Itamaru. Due to the amount of participants this year, the scoring system has been changed.
The first phase is the Round Robin system, where players will be pitting their skills against one another within their respective group. Players are awarded with 1 or 2 points depending on the number of successful wins made within the match, and the the top 2 participants with the highest score will be entering the second phase of the tournament.

The second phase is the good ol' Winner and Loser's bracket, with a couple of minor changes. More information regarding it will be explained on the Winner / Loser Bracket videos.

With that said, do enjoy the matches ~