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Video: F6xW5epmOUw

October 2013 to March 2015

TitleTouhou Violin 1, T08: Ice My Dear
DescriptionDoujin Name: Touhou Violin 1
Based on Compositions by: ZUN
Composed & Arranged by: Itsuki Minase
Performed by: TAM
Published & Distributed by: TAMUSIC

Original Source: Touhou Koumakyou ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

おてんば恋娘 / Beloved Tomboyish Girl
-Cirno's Theme-

All Touhou material including but not limited to game, characters, images, and music are © Team Shanghai Alice. Fan recreation (doujin) created and owned by TAM (TAMUSIC). No copyright infringements are intended.

Original compositions are the intellectual property of ZUN.