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October 2013 to February 2014

Title[東方 /UKTrance/ Arrange] Distortion - Satori Maiden's Illusions
Description[Title] - 少女さとりの幻想
[Author/Circle] - Abe / Distortion
[Album] - 東方高音圧
[Event] - Aka no Hiroba 3
[Original] - Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye ~ Satori Komeiji's Theme
[Game] - Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism

Oh goodness, I'm sorta deviating from my Music CD originals chain of sorts, but fret not! I have heaploads more of will and material to up in the future.

For now, let's return to a land of wonderful youkais and delightful fairies and maybe even cuddly little pink-haired girls...

Maybe in a future occasion, but definitely not here and now. Excuse me while I quote myself for great justice:

"Satori and Koishi are fucking brutality, gore in flesh form. I'm not even joking, just think of it. The ability to read minds and the ability to manipulate the sub-counscious, both these powers together are murder on their own, no need to explain. A human is a mere book in their hands: Satori reads you like a book, and Koishi just fucks all over it, scribbles on your pages, tears them apart. She'll manipulate you at free will, you'll never know the true yourself ever again."

I think I still stand in common ground with these words. Except today I've learned to look at Satori with greater hatred. I'm tackling Subterranean Animism on lunatic and everytime I reach Satori, every fiber of my body loathes with ridiculous amounts of powerlevels.

Oh well, little side-tracking here.

Lastly I would let you hardcorenuts know that this album is far more than this! Alice316 and F-MOON are great Schranz and Speedcore tracks on their own, top and fanciful tier I'm telling you. Incidentally, I think the rest of the album feels more like an arrange rather than this one, which doesn't stray off that much from the original ZUN feel. Which is good and bad, I suppose.
I'll up the rest of the crew later eventually.