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November 2014 to March 2015

Title【東方Vocal/Metal】 DESPERATE 「SOUND HOLIC」
ChannelNitori Kappashiro
Description☆ミ Title: DESPERATE
☆ミ Album: Metallic Sanctus
☆ミ Circle: SOUND HOLIC

★彡 Original Titles:
1—) 万年置き傘にご注意を (Meaning "Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever".)
2—) 閉ざせし雲の通い路 (Meaning "The Sealed Cloud Route".)
★彡 Source: 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object (Touhou Seirensen, meaning "Star-Lotus Ship of the East".)

♬♪♫ ミ Vocal: YURiCa 「ユリカ (夢璃花)」
♬♪♫ ミ Lyrics: Harumai
♬♪♫ ミ Arrangement: 8STYLE
♬♪♫ ミ Melody Arrangement: 709sec.
♬♪♫ ミ Guitar: Tatsuaki Sakai (mi-ro-ku)
♬♪♫ ミ Original Composer: ZUN 「上海アリス幻樂団」
♬♪♫ ミ Website:

✧彡 Event: Touhou Kouroumu 10 「東方紅楼夢10」
✧彡 Release Date: Oct 12, 2014
✧彡 Album Genre: Metal&Rock — Touhou Vocal Arrangement Album.

✿彡 Picture Artist: Riko / Pixiv id=5066255
✿彡 Source:
✿彡 Character: Tatara Kogasa 「多々良小傘」

♪ミ Watch in HD for better audio.

Metallic Sanctus is a music album by SOUND HOLIC released on 2014-10-12 (Touhou Kouroumu 10). It is an Undefined Fantastic Object vocal and instrumental arrangement album.


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