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October 2013 to December 2013

Title東方 Crimson Belvedere [Folk] arrange 3
DescriptionTitle: そして今日も紅魔館の扉は開く
Circle: Floating Cloud
Artist: Floating Cloud Acoustic Band
Album: 東方アイリッシュ
Event: Comiket 79
Original: 紅楼 ~ Eastern Dream...
Crimson Belvedere ~ Eastern Dream...

Crimson Belvedere is not only my favorite staff roll theme, but my favorite eosd song period (followed closely by "Centennial Festival for Magical girls"). It just captivates me every time I hear it (I guess that's part of ZUN´s charm)
And here we have a nice folkish rendition of this beautiful song, the entire arrange is full of awesomeness from beginning to end, even if you don´t like folk style music you should definitely give this one a chance because the effort put into it shines.
Floating Cloud Acoustic Band did a marvelous job, not only in this song, but in the rest of the album as well, so if you are into folk you should give it a listen.

PD: It seems that according to Touhou wiki the translation of the name of the song has changed to crimson tower (Or at least I didn´t know until recently). However, I will still call it crimson belvedere because I like the name better that way.