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June 2014 to March 2015

Title【東方Vocal】 ひとつよがりの逃避行 「TUMENECO」
ChannelNitori Kappashiro
Description☆ミ Title: ひとつよがりの逃避行
☆ミ Album: Dream-colored Monochrome 「ゆめいろモノクロム」
☆ミ Circle: TUMENECO

★彡 Track Origins:
1—) Touhou Kishinjou ~ Double Dealing Character (東方輝針城 ~ Double Dealing Character, lit. "Eastern Castle of Shining Needles") / Inchlings of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess 「耀く針の小人族 ~ Little Princess」
2—) 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires (Touhou Shinreibyou, meaning "Divine-Spirits of Mausoleum of the East") / Futatsuiwa from Sado 「佐渡のニッ岩」

☆ミ Vocals: Yukina
☆ミ Lyrics: Nanase 「ななせ」
☆ミ Arrangement: Tomoya
☆ミ Bass: H.Tatuki
☆ミ Original Composer: ZUN 「上海アリス幻樂団」
☆ミ Website:

☆彡 Event: Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai 11 「博麗神社例大祭11」
☆彡 Release Date: May 11, 2014
☆彡 Picture Artist: Daruia (Sabitare) 「だるいあ(寂びたれ)」 /

♪ミ Watch in HD for better audio.

Dream-colored Monochrome (ゆめいろモノクロム Yume iro monokuromu) is a music album by TUMENECO released on 2014-05-11 (Reitaisai 11). It is a vocal album featuring arrangements from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Imperishable Night, Mountain of Faith, Fairy Wars, Ten Desires, Double Dealing Character, Ghostly Field Club, Retrospective 53 minutes and Magical Astronomy.


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