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October 2013 to March 2015

TitleNostalgia 東方 Touhou Unplugged/Classic 203
DescriptionTitles: 懐かしき東方の血
Artist: 天門 (Tenmon)
Circle: 電奏楽団
Album: 幻想禄
Original: 懐かしき東方の血 ~ Old World (Nostalgic Blood of the East ~ Old World)

Under (intense pressure) requests of friends and people asking for more Old World, I decided to upload what I consider one of the most emotional Old World arranges I've heard by a really amazing artist.

It's really a pity the only touhou arrange album by Tenmon is this one. For those of you who are curious, Tenmon is quite a famous artist, if you've ever watched the anime or played the Visual Novel of "ef - a tale of melodies/memories" you'll recognize that the artist is the very same one that composed the soundtrack for said series, I recommend a listen to everyone since some tracks can be very beautiful.
In fact, Tenmon's proficiency and composing skills can be clearly noted in this track, the light soothing main melody paired with a few nice keyboard touches in the background really accentuates the beauty of Old World in itself, combining it with a slight waltz vibe and piano expertise.

In a certain way I think it really fits the world "Nostalgia", since it can even make you a bit emotional and make you think back at lovely moments one may have had in the past.

With an emotionally culminating peak at around 3:37 the song really manages to stand out on its own in both originality and beauty. Tenmon really knows how to play with his feelings.

Anyways, the song is bloody good.

Btw, the image is only one, but it's a really beautiful image. I took advantage of the fact that the image had a water reflection of Mokou and Keine kissing to "build up suspense".

Thanks as always for watching.