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October 2014 to March 2015

Title【Danmaku Tourney】Round 1 (Part 2)【Animangaki '14 Touhou Matsuri】
DescriptionMalaysian Touhou Brigade presents...
Our first Touhou Danmaku Tournament in Animangaki Touhou Matsuri '14.

Competitor Match-ups:
~ Eri VS FloatCloud (emcee: Kairyu)
~ Chong Shyue Chyn VS Marumura (emcee: Kairyu)
~ Jerry Utsukimi VS Dusty (emcee: HoiHoiSoi)
~ kkcwkoh VS FearNagae (emcee: Kairyu)

This year in Animangaki Touhou Matsuri 2014, the Malaysian Touhou Brigade has hosted its very first Touhou Danmaku Tournament, which involves non-PoFV titles. There are a total of 18 participants (initially max 16) in this tournament whom are ready to dazzle the crowd with the beauty of danmaku play.

The selection of title and stages are conducted by the players / emcee in a hat drawing format. Once the selection is made, players will pit their skills against each other to see which of them can score the highest. Additionally, players are also given freedom in choosing their shot-types.

Stage difficulty is set to Normal Mode for the Top 18, Hard Mode for the Top 4, and Extra Stage for the Semi-Finalist and Finalist.

Also to note, many thanks to Kairyu and HoiHoiSoi for their hard work in providing commentary for this tournament and hyping up the crowd, making this tournament intense and enjoyable for both the players and viewers.

With that, take it easy and enjoy the matches ~

The Malaysian Touhou Brigade group has returned once more in Animangaki; featuring a multitude of activities ranging from tournaments to music to merchandise booths. More information regarding the event can be seen here:

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