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October 2013 to March 2015

TitleGrudge 東方 Touhou Unplugged/Classic 148
DescriptionTitle: 緑眼の獣
Artists: kaztora & 中島岬
Vocals: lily-an
Circle: Liz Triangle
Album: 神風 -KAMIKAZE-
Original: 緑眼のジェラシー (Green-Eyed Jealousy)

Normal update today.
So I was listening to Liz Triangle's latest release, since when I saw the tracklist I wasn't expecting any White Lotus or anything as gorgeous as that, but I can say that I'm pretty satisfied. This track comes to me as the best in the album (and in second place a very Japanesque Princess Inada along with pretty nice jazz arrange of Greenwich), an arrange of our favorite eternally jealous gal.
While I currently do not have a translated version of the lyrics I'd like to try and get some, so I'll ask around with some contacts and try and get it.

I've said this in the past but I think lily-an's voice is gorgeous, I think she really manages to put her "emotions" into singing, which is a very good thing, and what a lot of vocalists seem to lack. Since White Lotus I've been in love with her voice, and thus have become a follower of her and the arranger (kaztora, sex = male) circle, Liz Triangle. They tend to incorporate a lot of styles into their arranges, with a prevalence of some techno/rock/poppish songs with vocals and these classical songs, which are priceless. There are 2 girls who seem to be vocalists (or just lily-an with a flexible voice) one singing in an incredibly moe way (they have a Nuclear Fusion arrange, very annoying) and lily-an's "mature" voice, as I like to define it.

I'll admit that this is nothing compared to some of the tracks on White Lotus (Byakuren and Nazrin arrange, i.e.) but overall it's still a great arrange, the instrumentation is great, and I'd really like a translation of the lyrics. I'll praise them for the intro which sounds very nice, the melody has a slightly jazzy ring to it at times, the drums and percussions help that, and at other times it even has a slightly melancholic vibe to it, best way to define it would be a ballad, an elegantly envious ballad. I haven't heard many classical vocal arranges of Parsee's theme (Silver Forest's being the other one) but I can say that this might be one of the better ones. I can safely say that Liz Triangle is the best vocal circle for this classical/unplugged playlist and my favorite Touhou circle for vocals.

When I get the lyrics I'll put them here, if any of you guys have it please feel free to inform me.

Thanks for watching!