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October 2013 to March 2015

Title東方 Touhou Techno/Trance 15
DescriptionSong Title: Judgment
Circle: EastNewSound
Artist: 黒鳥
Album: Scattered Destiny
Original: (人の形弄びし少女) Doll Judgment

As you noticed the list of how I upload is completely out of order.First #64 was the very first upload to my channel, then #1, finally #15 why is that? Well like I said in #64 I can't remember which song go to what picture. Anyways that all I can say for now. Thank for watching.
Myonbel's original comment:
A girl that throws dolls at you.. thats awesome, no?
A girl who uses dolls as projectiles.. is awesome..

I dont know anything about this.. '' 黒鳥 '' person, but when I found about his/her/its songs, I got pretty amazed. Atleast this track is something I look in a techno/trance track. Its pretty addictive and it has the fukken '' beat '' in it. What that means, even I dont know. But when I hear this arrange, it just comes to my mind, that this songs has the ultimate BEAT. Pretty impressive, I hope I can dig more of his/her/its work. EastNewSound, however, is like.. the new IOSYS or SOUND HOLIC.. They do pretty impressive techno & vocal arranges.. Atleast two of their albums are worthy to listen. This album '' Scattered Destine '' and '' Lyrical Crimson ''. Didn't like the C76 album and I have yet to listen the '' 000 '' album. EastNewSound has alot to offer, and most of their songs are uploadable and I'd gladly upload them to Lyrica Playlist. But this song, it just tops the rest of the albums songs, so I decided to upload this.

Alice, my god, how I love her. Words can't explain how much I like her as a character. But my god no, she is not tsundere and the '' Alice has no friends '' meme thingy is just awful. I'd gladly be Alice's friend. And I don't know why Alice x Marisa pairing is so huge.. Marisa doesn't deserve somebody like Alice and I don't know why would Alice get a crush on Marisa. She is horrible I say, HORRIBLE! Alice is still somewhere in my top 10 favourite characters list, for a reason.

Doll Judgment is ♥. Metal, Orchestra, Techno, they are all good and worthy to listen. Its one of those songs that are great even when arranged in every possible genre. But I think I still prefer Techno arranges of it. I don't have much to say about Doll Judgment anymore, overall, its a fine track for Techno arranges. Lalalaa~

This song is a fine addition to Lyrica Playlist. I hope you like it as much as I do.