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October 2013 to March 2015

TitleFRONTIER CREATE - 空の帰り道 ~ Sky Dream
DescriptionOh wow. ZUN's original comments on his arrangement of this song were "This song has the feel of the quiet trip home after a journey. Oh, look up there~, there's a UFO in the night sky.", which would also be true for this arrangement.

Title: 空の帰り道 ~ Sky Dream
Better known as: Staff roll theme - 空の帰り道 ~ Sky Dream (Returning Home From the Sky ~ Sky Dream)
From: 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object

Artist: Takumi Inohaya
Album: 2009.10.11 TRINITY -Orchestra Side- [東方紅楼夢5]
Year: 2009

MP3 available at:!h1UQXKbT!dRn7PWkj1ICVFEJ2BgjNC1Tddpxg79BJ3oQuOxR3WUY
MP3 and all the images:!IptVBSJS!Vj4qBCphRbYHs3whg7_MoAbO76UnffvVArTWf4y8DMg

More info on the CD:
More info on the CD:

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