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Video: U7WlgOY-tUg

October 2013 to March 2015

TitleTouhou Bad Apple!! PV in iPad【東方】
DescriptionA Bad Apple PV Shadow Art style in your iPad.

This is a great free app for iPad made by Hahaschool which you can choose your favorite picture as a background or you can leave it blank (original white screen).
And then choose any background rotation options or just leave it by tapping any screen.

The only flaw is that this app may have audio/video sync issues. So you have to adjust the settings to make it sync.

You can get this app by Google Search TouhouBA, and you'll see the App Store, TouhouBA(From 東方幻想鄉).

Also works on iPhone as well.

If you're having problem with audio/video sync issue, try this settings:
Change Frame Each: 0.034691 Second
Start from No: 15 Frame
Skip One Frame Per: 0.774501

Recorded it via my Samsung Galaxy ACE.