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October 2013 to February 2014

Title[東方 /Piano/ Arrange] Godwood - Tiempo largo de la biblioteca.
Description[Title] - Tiempo largo de la biblioteca magica.
[Author/Circle] - Godwood / Pizuya's Cell
[Album] - Bibamus, moriendum est.
[Event] - Comiket 77
[Original] - Voile, the Magic Library ~ Stage 4 Theme
[Game] - Touhou 06: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Pizuya's Cell shredding it piano-style, who knew? It seems that underneath a tattered, rough metal exterior lies the soul of a choirboy, eh?

And whose soul would this be... Apparently, it's Godwood's. Incidentally, this whole album is nothing lesser than an heartful and moving depiction of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil by our buddy.
It's their first time tackling something like this, so even if the album isn't a mountain of gold, we're willing to turn the other cheek this time around... Although both the main menu and ending themes are really gorgeous alike, and a few others, including this one. We'll get to strike the opportunity to cover those later on, surely.

I just opted this one out amidst the others because I think this is a very loyal and accurate depiction of, more than a stage theme, the theme of one of the most famous mid-stage bosses, the librarian Koakuma.
No blanket is held over the fact Koakuma is inspired under the antics of a Succubus. If you don't know what that is, Succubus are basically creatures who would roam around the night to seduce men, engage in intercourse and then kill them afterwards. Moved out of an impetuous charm and seductive manner, these Succubus could not be avoided, and would surely mean the demise to whoever's cursed fate it crossed.

And while ZUN itself never delved deep enough to draw out a canon persona for Koakuma, we can only be brought into thinking she follows the archetype of one of these creatures. I think this is where the song strikes in. Under the subtle wave of blues driven by the gorgeous piano performance, one can certainly fall infatuated by the melody. Unfortunately, it is nothing but mere ingenuous bliss, the whim of the moment. The painstaking burden of falling bliss to the song of the Succubus... The price to pay for the melody of the devil is none other than a scarlet web of travails. And before you can even grasp yourself, the dreaded danmaku of hell will have you engulfed in the dark void of death.