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April 2014 to March 2015

Title【東方】東方桃源宮 ~ Riverbed Soul Saver【Trial Play】
Description東方桃源宮 ~ Riverbed Soul Saver, Normal Mode (Blind)
Script Version: TRIAL 0.01b

Player: kkcwkoh // Reimu - Homing Shot

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Touhou ~ Riverbed Soul Saver is a Fanmade Touhou Danmakufu game made by ido, the same developer who made "The Last Comer" and "Mystical Power Plant". The trial version of this game was released quite recently on the developer's blog, and going by past tradition of this channel, I decided to give it a fair spin.
One thing I noticed upon starting the game, is that the frame rate is running a lot smoother than the past titles. So far, I've yet to run into any lag when recording the game, which is absolutely great. With that, I would like to thank the developers for fixing that ~

Riverbed Soul Saver introduces a gimmick relating to keys, as you can see by the gauge on the interface. However, I still have no clue on its main function.
Edit: Apparently the key gauge allows you to go into Hyper Mode, which can be activated by holding the Bomb button.

The game in overall is fairly fun, imo. The bullets are slightly slower in this game, though I guess its to cater to lesser experienced players (or maybe I've been spoiled by 90fps runs and games like Fantastic Danmaku Festival). The spellcards are also particularly fun, especially on Hard / Lunatic difficulty. In regards to the music, WanWan takes the helm in that department once again. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the themes a lot, especially the stage themes.
With that, I greatly look forward to see how the full version of this game turns out ~

Ah yes, it also seems that the developer is looking to making / releasing another game for this year, called "東方白塵記 ~ White names spoiled past".

Stage Timelines:
Stage 1: 0:40 ~ 5:26
Boss: Yuyuko Saigyouji

Stage 2: 5:27 ~ 10:18
Boss: Magatsuji Hatsuna

Stage 3: 10:19 ~ end
Boss: Ruri