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January 2014 to March 2015

TitleTouhou Remix I.45 (Disco) At the End of Spring
Description♦ Title: Spring Rouge
♦ Circle: ShibayanRecords
♦ Arranger: izna
♦ Website:
♦ Original Composer: ZUN
♦ From: 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object

Hey everyone. The comiket started today (or yesterday, depending on the place you live). Anyway, here's my first upload for the C85 with this disco remix of At the End of Spring by ShibayanRecords. I wasn't fond of this circle's Bossa Nova albums because I simply don't quite like this genre, but this album is entirely dedicated to the best genre ever : Disco.

I HAD to listen to this album, and I found some pretty good remixes so I decided to upload a couple of tracks. Let's hope the other releases will be as good as ShibayanRecords's one !

♦ Picture:


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