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October 2013 to March 2015

Title【Touhou】東方導命樹 ~ Mystical Power Plant【Trial Play】
Description東方導命樹 ~ Mystical Power Plant, Normal Mode
Script Version: TRIAL

Player: kkcwkoh // Reimu x Okuu - Type B

Developers Blog:

The developers of "Touhou ~ The Last Comer" has brought yet another danmakufu game to the table, namely "Touhou ~ Mystical Power Plant". The trial version of this game was released sometime around the 3rd week of March, so I thought I'd give it a spin.
As this is a trial version, there are various kinks that has yet to be ironed out. One of the more noticeable ones would be regarding the frame rate issue, which can be fixed by setting the effect option within the option menu (Setting it to 4 will disable the in-game background).

Touhou ~ Mystical Power Plant introduces a gimmick called the Skill Tree (or Life Guiding Tree.... A Moriya breakthrough!!). The effect of the tree varies upon your chosen protagonists, as such (Will need to double check on this):
~ Reimu Team - Increased bomb duration and decreases collision detection
~ Marisa Team - Increases item absorption rate and increased speed and firepower
~ Sanae Team - Increased firepower and something regarding abilities

The Skill tree gauge can be increased by collecting Leaf Orb's, which are dropped by bosses and certain enemies. Upon reaching Level 6, you will gain a life piece and your skill tree gauge is returned to Level 0. Aside from that, your item auto-collecting ability is also affected by your Skill Tree, as such that you are only able to auto-collect if your Skill Tree is at least Level 1.

Also to say, Imperishable Night's character selection gimmick is present as well. At the current moment, the only team that is available is the Hakurei Raven combo. In regards to Marisa and Sanae, I'll just leave this sentence unfinished.... (You can spoil yourself on the contents via the text files in the trial folder).

In regards to Music, WanWan takes the helm once again in producing the music for this game ~

Stage Timelines:
Stage 1: 0:46 ~ 5:43
Boss: Aragami no Kusuko

Stage 2: 5:44 ~ 10:50
Boss: Tobikura Momo

Stage 3: 10:51 ~ end
Boss: Saraka Sant'Angero