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Video: hHMWu26oxU0

October 2013 to March 2015

TitleThese Two Wings (English Subs)
DescriptionIt's me again, and I felt like subtitling something else! I'm amazed no one subbed this yet. It's a spectacular song, on the same album of Make Us Your Brides! and Usatei, no less.

So, this is "These Two Wings", a remix of Magic Shop of Raspberry, Lotus Land, and Border Land by IOSYS. The epic video is by Clairvoyance.

There were no Japanese subs on the video unlike on Kapanet Nitori, so I had to sub this by ear! It was a pain. And no, this isn't the full version. Again, subbed by ear and I was lazy.

The translation is courtesy of our good friends at the Touhou Wiki.

I take no credit for the song, the video, or the translation. I just subbed it.