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October 2013 to March 2015

Title(Christmas) The Nutcracker 東方 Touhou Unplugged/Classic 136
DescriptionTitle: 毒入り金平糖の踊り
Artist: Riva
Album: Baroque Stroke~東方クラシックス2~
Original: ポイズンボディ ~ Forsaken Doll (Poison Body ~ Forsaken Doll)

First of all a very Merry Christmas to all of you!

EDIT: And, although it's a bit late, here's a Christmas Tale for all of you guys, based of this song, courtesy of 85centimeters!

(Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, and it's not a Youtube malfunction, this song was uploaded 3 days ago)

The second my ears where blessed by hearing this work of art I knew that it would have to be THE Christmas song.
Most people should know the Nutcracker, it's a Christmas ballet whose music is composed by the great Tchaikovsky. Not only that it happens to contain some of the most influential and famous classical pieces on this world, from which the famous "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" which Riva combined in this arrange with Medicine's theme.
If you haven't watched a play of it, I 100% recommend you go buy tickets and see it.

Christmas should be the time of the year where you spend most time with your family and friends, thus I want to celebrate this time not only with my beloved ones but you guys. Here is my Christmas present from me to every follower of this channel.
I cannot and could not comment on this arrange because of how beautiful and breathtaking it is. Our favorite four letter word, EPIC, is not enough, on the other hand, no word in my vocabulary is enough.
Thank you for everything until now, your support has been invaluable, your comments and messages to the channel are what make my days, without them this channel would be nothing more then a pile of videos.

I hope all of you guys have a wonderful Christmas, now I'm going to cut this short, I'm sure you guys have to do some gift opening and have to spend some time with your beloved ones.

Happy holidays! And thank YOU for watching!!!