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October 2013 to March 2015

TitleAnimangaki 2013 - Touhou Corner Activities Announcement!
DescriptionAnimangaki 2013 - Touhou Corner Activities Announcement!
Calling all Malaysian (as well as others) Touhou Fans ~!

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Animangaki is a 2-days anime / manga / game convention event that was organized by the AMG Team. Various entertainments such as Cosplay, Art, Band Performances, AMV competitions and the likes are found within this particular event, as you would in any other anime convention.

This year, the Touhou Corner has returned once more in this year's Animangaki event, led by the Hisoutensoku Community. In this upcoming event, we are planning on introducing a variety of activities aside from the customary and usual Hisou Tourney's like in past events. As such, the activities are as stated in the video above.

Hisoutensoku Trailer 2013:

== Tourney Registration Particulars ==
Hisoutensoku Tourney:

Touhou Sky Arena Tourney:
No online registration. Registration are to be done at the event itself.
The dates are as outlined in the video above. For more info, refer to the link below:

Music Quiz Competition:
No registration necessary.
Just your knowledge of Touhou Music is required.

Touhou Cosplay Lucky Draw:
Registration is to be done at the event itself.

Touhou Merchandizes will be catered by:

~ Wolf Den Doujin
A circle renowned for producing awesome Touhou content such as artbooks and wallpapers. This year, not only will they will be sponsoring several prizes for our competitions, they will be looking at increasing their variety of products, so come visit them and see if there's anything you like.
You can visit their page in the link below:

~ AnimeGeck-O
A popular hobby shop from Kuantan that imports Touhou paraphernalia such as wall scrolls, mouse pads, TCG playmats and figurines such as Nendoroid, Figma and others. They will be sponsoring the prizes for Touhou Sky Arena, and Touhou Chaos-Axia this year.
You can visit their page in the link below:

~ Dex Hexallion
A local Touhou Doujin Music arrangement/composer group. Led by Kazami Shintaro, they are here to show off some touhou music magic. A sale/album release of Ensemble of Gensokyo will be made on both days of the event.
You can visit the circle's page in the link below:

That's all for this announcement ~!
Thanks for watching / reading, and we certainly hope to see you at the event ~!