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October 2013 to March 2015

Title【東方非想天則 Tourney】Day 1 - Single Elimination Second Round (Pt 1)【Animangaki '13 Touhou Festival】
DescriptionApparently, participants will need to win 3 matches in the Second Round in order to advance to Day 2 of the tournament. This will be good ~

The Malaysian Touhou Brigade (Touhou Festival) group has returned once again in Animangaki; featuring a multitude of activities ranging from tournaments to music to merchandise booths. More information regarding these activities can be read here:
Touhou Malaysian Brigade presents...
Animangaki 2013 ~ Touhou Festival
Day 1 - Single Elimination - Second Round (Part 1)

Battle Timeline:
AsuraAlson vs Nluei - 0:11
Hikaru vs SuperRedOldHag (Itamaru) - 14:05
IllusionSage vs FloatCloud (QHong) - 20:53
Kairyu vs ASDF - 30:36
Yamikaze vs GimmeCheeze - 37:00
SailorMercury vs TheMiko - 42:57
Kanosaki vs Suwa - 47:17

Tournament Playlist:
This year's Hisoutensoku Tournament can be considered as a huge success due to the massive crowd attraction on both days, and the hype it generates, as well as the amount of registered participants, with many of them coming in from Singapore and all around Malaysia (Penang, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, and more). Additionally, there are also some recent new players who joined in on the tournament as well (they learn the mechanics via free play sessions. They're a good sport indeed).

Due to the massive amount of participants (61 in total), we had to start off the tournament's first phase with "Single Elimination", in which we will narrow it down to the top 16 players. These players will then undergo the tournament's second phase on Day 2, which is the Round Robin System. More info regarding it will be explained in the Day 2 Tournament Video.

Also to say, a big shout out to our tourney's emcee; Kairyu and HoiHoiSoi for their hard work on providing non-stop commentary and making this tournament very much alive. I strongly believe that it is the result of their hard work that we have managed to generate the massive amount of crowd and hype for this tournament, even more so than our past events.

With that said, take it easy and enjoy the matches ~