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Video: yBCWK1ohMRo

November 2013 to March 2015

TitleShe's only [東方 Touhou Jazz Arrange] 17
DescriptionTitle - 夜を撃ち落とす
Artist - RD-Sounds
Circle - 凋叶棕
Album - 宴
Original - Night Falls ~ Evening Star

I promised a friend I would post Yukari's theme for number 17. So I looked for the youngest sounding song I could find...but they all sounded annoying, and just didn't work for me. But then I found this. Sure it's not really "young" per say, but I believe it fits the best with its sexy vibe.


Because Yukari is the ultimate cougar. If you seriously only think of her age, then your crazy, or stupid. Yukari may be old, but she will forever be young at heart.

Thank you for watching.