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August 2014 to December 2014

TitleNitori's "1 Year Anniversary and 15k Subs Special" Non-Stop Toho Eurobeat Megamix
ChannelNitori Kappashiro
DescriptionIt's only more than one week since I have reached 14k subs but now I have already reached another milestone thanks to my dear candid friends. So as for my 15k subs special I though I would upload something that would make you dance and I guess eurobeat arranges are perfect for the purpose. So let's dance to our's heart content and celebrate for reaching another milestone. Ah I guess if we keep this speed then it will not take a while to reach another 20k subs and to reach a wider audience. So thank you my dear candid friends for supporting on my quest to spread hapiness all around the world.

I also would like to point out that it's been also one year since I created this channel after I lost my previous one so yeah... you could say that my channel, which is current one and yeah I have been around for a long time yet due to copyright issues I have never reached this amount of subscriber base ever before, is "one" year old now, still baby kappa.

Now that I look back and reading the the video description of the first arrange/video I uploaded to this channel, I just can't help but smile yet feel so sad deep inside at the same time. You will be understand once you read it so here we go:


People should know that maintaining this kind of music channels is no easy feat. You sacrifice sometimes most of your precious time from your real life in order to make one video. Even though I am not pro at video editing but sometimes making videos like that takes so much time from my time and when you lost your channel like I did the past then it's like some part of your body also dies along with it. It's not such a pleasant feeling just saying and I hope it will not happen again. So I also said I will do my best and take my time to give another chance to this channel back then so I am really happy to see that I have reached this far from old bad days to these happy days where many people enjoys the music I am uploading to my channel. My on purpose is to create hapiness between people via music. I am sharing my favorite kinds of music with other people and that's my purpose to put smile on people's face by using the power of music. I know that I spam so much on my candid friend's sub-box and I am also uploading great variety of music genre on my channel so that kind of feat is the reason what attracts other people to my channel.

So thanks for encouraging me and giving me support so far. If you guys hadn't there for me I don't think I would have maintained this channel for this long. I hope to see more bright futures with the people who is following me though this channel and let's keep this channel alive together. I am also sick and my condition get worse but I feel really good thanks to doujin music and Gensokyo's magical world. In short thanks for everything so far and enjoy this one hour non-stop eurobeat mix ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

♪ミ Tracklist:
1-) Energy Flight / 0:00 - 3:35
2-) God Bless You!! / 3:35 - 6:19
3-) Flowering Fantasia / 6:19 - 9:16
4-) Summer Pop Cider -TEB "Forsaken" Remix- / 9:16 - 12:55
5-) Cage to Heart / 12:55 - 14:57
6-) T.E.B / 14:57 - 18:37
7-) 恋のAsterisk / 18:37 - 21:29
8-) Rain Dance / 21:29 - 24:25
9-) THE END / 24:25 - 26:27
10-) 月の媚薬 / 26:27 - 30:19
11-) Veiling Shooter / 30:19 - 33:30
12-) Flower Tartan / 33:30 - 36:49
13-) REASON for RED / 36:49 - 40:16
14-) No Routine / 40:16 - 42:55
15-) No Pain No Gain / 42:55 - 45:43
16-) Fall into the Magic / 45:43 - 48:41
17-) BURNIN' BLOOD / 48:41 - 51:57
18-) Darkish / 51:57 - 54:45
19-) Real Survivor / 54:45 - 58:05
20-) Scream Out! 58:05

Picture and Full Track Info:


☆ミ Circle: A-One
☆ミ Remix: ELEMENTAS × DJ Command
☆ミ Original Composer: ZUN 「上海アリス幻樂団」
☆ミ Event: Comic Market 85 「Comiket 85 (C85)」
☆ミ Release Date: Dec 30, 2013
☆ミ Website:

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