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October 2013 to March 2015

TitleG-Fools 東方 Touhou Experimental/Vocal 117G
DescriptionTitle: 竹取物語 補遺
Artist: Aishin-Gyoro Puyi from ( BITPLANE )
Vocal: Chie Fukami from ( RUN GIRLS RUN )
Circle: Diverse System
Album: thE3
Original: 千年幻想郷 ~ History of the Moon
Release Date: May 27, 2012 (Reitaisai 9)

April 1 is April Fools Day unfortunately my internet wanted to fool me as well meaning I couldn't upload it...

Other than that I saw a comment about putting this song in G-Major so I did and you get to hear the results.

Link to the picture:

That is all for today. Thanks for listening.