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May 2014 to March 2015

TitleLove-Coloured Master Spark - MEGA ZUN Stage LXIV [FDS, FamiTracker]
DescriptionTheme of Marisa Kirisame from Imperishable Night daze~!! ★☆★
Concentrate your mind, mutter the spell to Hakkero tenderly, Aim at someone you don't like... Now unleash your annihilation of love!

All MEGA ZUN stages of multiples of 64 will be Marisa's themes.

Nintendo RP2C33 chip, FamiTracker 042 wave output, NTSC 60 Hz. Request by Rozark via the moderator panel.

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MEGA ZUN is a collective name for all my Touhou remixes using 8-bit sound chips from vintage consoles, aiming for authenticity, accuracy, uniqueness and fullness. It will include tracks from all official games, all official music albums, and all doujin games or music albums where ZUN is content-wise affiliated with.

(CC) HertzDevil, 2014
Touhou IN is (C) Team Shanghai Alice
This video is licensed under a CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. Touhou is property of ZUN.