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Video: 58lMd2rYx3c

October 2013 to December 2013

Title東方 Crimson Belvedere [Trance] arrange 2
DescriptionTitle: Monolog
Circle: BubbleRecords
Artist: Pastry
Album: Reel
Original: 紅楼 ~ Eastern Dream...
Crimson Belvedere ~ Eastern Dream...

I discovered BubbleRecords recently. I was wandering through random touhou videos when I came across pastrys Cosmic Mind arrangement, it was awesome. I listened to it quite a few times before I decided to find the album.
I found it, and was decided to upload that Cosmic Mind arrangement until I heard this arrangement of Crimson Belvedere. It gives a sensation of comfort, which combined with the upbeat tune can truly brighten someones day.