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October 2013 to February 2014

Title[東方 /Electronic/ Arrange] 38beets - Love Color
Description[Title] - Love Color
[Author/Circle] - Naoki Fujitani / 38beets
[Event] - Comiket 77
[Original] - Love-Coloured Master Spark ~ Marisa Kirisame's Theme
[Game] - Touhou 08: Imperishable Night

LABOR PAINS was camping on my HDD since yesterday. I never got around to it until just now. Let's be honest, when you're cruising around something as excentric as a Comiket, you just want to rush yourself to the big names, the rest is just to follow schedule, as they say. Specially since I've had a particularly stressing weekend, what with having to deal with real life stuff. Yeah, whadda y'know, holidays are long through, I've got to have a mildly functional life, go figure.

Either ways, I'm struck with grand awe since the moment I hit the play button. Shit is so cash just as usual, we wouldn't expect less from a renowned Touhou circle like this.
The issue with this is, 38beets is not renowned in the slightest. They kicked it off just a few months ago, and they've only churned out two albums so far. What is inside this Pandora Box named 38beets that holds nothing short of laud and bliss? Who is 38beets?

Naoki Fujitani / 藤谷尚希, oiko, Sumijun / すみじゅん, Dr.J, Sepia / せぴあ, Amane / 天音, Tosh, JiNG*da*LaW, nekutsu, crouka. They all are. These guys can crush the Touhou electronic doujin scene anytime. Granted, I'm just listing those who've crossed paths with this circle before. pyn joins forces with the boss, Naoki Fujitani, and magic ensues.

Whichever the events, it seems these guys only get down to release in pairs. They kicked it off with Poisoning and Pieces, and now both Labor Pains and Pleasant. I can't tell you how pleasant Pleasant really is since I haven't got down to it yet, but Labor Pains is too much frickin' bliss. The electronic array is absolutely stunning, you'll stumble around in hardstep, techno, drum and bass, trance, you name it! But 38beets have thought about every and each one of you, so there's also several vocals mixed in the recipe.

Feels good, man. If I loved it? Damn, it's got to be one of the best electronic releases this C77, whadda y'know uh?
I know! I'm not following! I wasn't expecting squat apart from Jazz in the aftermath of our favorite event but there, I've been taken aback. I'll definitely be uploading more of this.

And uhm, sorry for the ridiculous influx of Marisa, but it's not my fault these guys just won't stop making insanely good material!