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March 2015

TitleTeam Grimoire - Answer'U
ChannelRaymonD Sine
DescriptionWho here remembers "Hellfire mantle" the YouTuber, I know it was several years ago, but who here remembers. he/she used to upload a lot of Gothic remixes, normally Touhou related. But occasionally they would upload some original stuff too, and this was one of the songs they uploaded.

This is one of my favorites songs ever made, I cant express how much I love this song.

And I must admit, I have not looked into Team Grimoire, at all, until now. And after all this time they seem to still be around,I have not gotten to listen to any of their other stuff, but judging by how much i love this song, i will be checking them out.

The reason I uploaded this song is because it does not exist anymore. It is not on YouTube, nor anywhere else on the entire internet it seems, so i needed to breath life back into it.

The explosive chorus at the end of this song makes it truly remarkable.

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