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December 2014

Title【東方Vocal】 BOUNCE OF LIFE 「ZYTOKINE」 【English Subbed】
ChannelNitori Kappashiro
Description☆ミ Title: BOUNCE OF LIFE
☆ミ Circle: ZYTOKINE

★彡 Original Title: アルティメットトゥルース (Meaning "Ultimate Truth".) / Stage 6 Theme
★彡 Source: 東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom (Touhou Youyoumu, meaning "Bewitching Eastern Dream".)

♬♪♫ ミ Vocal: Itori 「絃鳥」
♬♪♫ ミ Lyrics/Arrangement: Linjin 「隣人」
♬♪♫ ミ Original Composer: ZUN 「上海アリス幻樂団」

✧彡 Event: Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai 11 「博麗神社例大祭11」
✧彡 Release Date: May 11, 2014
✧彡 Website:
✧彡 Album Genre: Techno, Electro-House, Dubstep, Rock&J-Pop — Touhou Vocal Arrangement Album.

✿彡 Picture Artist: Yukizumi Remon 「ウラジロ」 / Pixiv id=3517911
✿彡 Source:
✿彡 Characters: From left to the right
— Konpaku Youmu 「魂魄妖夢」
— Saigyouji Yuyuko 「西行寺幽々子」

♪ミ Watch in HD for better audio.

★彡 Translated by "Amen":


MOTHER NATURE is a music album by ZYTOKINE released on 2014-05-11 (Reitaisai 11). It is a vocal and instrumental album featuring arrangements from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom, Imperishable Night, Mountain of Faith, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Subterranean Animism, Ten Desires and Double Dealing Character.


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