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November 2013 to March 2015

Title【東方】Saga of Eastern Journey 『5』
DescriptionWhy does she need a map?

[Title] Mystery of mankind
[Circle] Grimoire Technlogy
[Arranger] Marly
[Album] ???
[Original] [ジャパニーズサーガ] from 東方求聞史紀 ~ Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

There is a story synopsis to this song that goes as following:

"Maybe it wasn´t that bad we took the carriage with us.", said Maribel as she was observing an old shrine, which seemed to function as some kind of gate.
Several traditionally japanese constructed houses were piercing the sky and a great wall elegantly surrounded them, but still stayed as strong and unbreakable as it was meant to be.
"I told you it gives us a use. Even though I weren´t expecting that.", responded Renko, who was walking out of a store situated along the huge road, connecting the building alongside it.
M: "Too bad, we do not know where we are."
R: "Do you think this map could help us? It´s kind of tricky to read."
M: "Of course, you´re holding it the wrong way."