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October 2013 to March 2015

Title【小野崎人】Naomin - Defiant of Shrine Maiden full song (+lyric) 【HD】
DescriptionFirst uploaded with 00Hito00 account on 26.12.2009.

高音質版 東方冥遺伝(+歌詞)
【HD】 ,,Naomin - Defiant of Shrine Maiden" with the lyric in Romanji, Hiragana and Kanji.

Title: 神楽舞
Album: 東方風神譚
(Album: Touhou Fuujin Tan)
Vocal: なおみん
(Vocal: Naomin)
Original Works: オリジナル
(Original Works: Original)
Lyric heard by: おのさき人(小野崎人)
Video by: おのさき人 (小野崎人)

I've got a little bit help from Udongesaiko. I have made this video for you with japanese lyrics! I hope you like it! Enjoy it~
Attention!: The lyrics ccould include some misstakes, because I have hear them out.