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July 2014 to March 2015

Title「東方end」 MD - Crazy #9 Girl
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Sadly, this channel has two copyright strikes. The first was because of Inglourious Gossip's PV mirror; while I talked with Len and apologized, I have no idea how to remove the strike. The second strike came from Sony Music, since (apparently) they have the rights to HITORIE live footage; this includes Tears Of Today's, and I really doubt I could get a good case against a major label company. I have no idea if I can remove these strikes, and if the only way to do so requires the videos to still be uploaded in my channel, then it's impossible now since I removed them both.

So, this is it. After this I'll take an extended vacation and maybe return back to my previous channel (TheMusicOfGensokyo) to occasionally upload music in it (preferably subbed or instrumentals and only if the artists allow me). Since I like making the XFD videos (amateurish as they are), video editing and am a fan of lyric videos, I'll be doing and uploading those on another channel.

I also would like to thank all the 977 people who decided to subscribe; never thought I'd get there, especially considering there are uploaders who have more consistency and/or better uploads. Thanks for being here.

Special Thanks to Kafka Fuura, 0P2C, VetoBendover, Jaefine and DisortedConnection; all great friends in and out of YouTube and amazing in their respective fields of expertise (translating, uploading awesome electronic and metal, musicianship, translating and uploading underrated music)

Finally; yes, I do realize this is nowhere close to a 9 day. No, I don't really care. Hope you enjoyed your time on this channel; I certainly did. Enjoy the music and see you later.

クレイジー・ナンバーナイン・ガール (Crazy #9 Girl)

MD (Mr.Deep)
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From the Album:
アメウタ (Rain Song)

Illustration: 炒飯妖精王

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