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June 2014 to March 2015

Title東方 Piano『Youkai Back Shrine Road #2』- マックの人
DescriptionArranger: マックの人
Title: 妖怪裏参道
Origin: Touhou 13 - Ten Desires // Extra Stage Theme

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The extra stage theme.

You never know what kind of retro youkai might pop onto the road with this song.
Youkai always seem to have such fun no matter the circumstances.
That's probably because they're enlightened by knowing exactly what their purpose in life is.
In that case, there's one way to be sure to enjoy life. Accept whatever you've got now.

- ZUN@MusicRoom
Something that I recently found in my piano folder, which I have completely forgotten about until now. I really need to properly organize my piano folder...

In regards to this arrange, I think it is pretty close to the original track, and it does pretty well in capturing that "rushing" feeling. For those looking to play this theme on piano, the arranger has provided the score for this theme. So... Enjoy ~

~ 萩原 // Pixiv -

Music Score[PDF] provided by the arranger:

All credit goes to ZUN for composition and マックの人 for the arrangement of this piece ~