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October 2013 to February 2014

Title[東方 /Trance/ Arrange] Knights of Round - Ultimate Truth
Description[Title] - Ultimate Truth
[Author/Circle] - Rute / Knights of Round
[Album] - Knights of Round 3
[Event] - Comiket 77
[Original] - Ultimate Truth
[Game] - Touhou 07: Perfect Cherry Blossom ~ Stage 6 Theme

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Ultimate Truth is what a consider one of the most enigmatic Touhou tunes.

ZUN generally puts a whole lot of synergy between the themes and the stage elements: the background, the rhythm at which fairies pop up, most you can think of. If I were to show someone just how does that happen, I'd tell them to play PCB's 6th stage to the sound of Ultimate Truth.
However, when you pick it up outside the game, it loses a bit of its magic. It's not anymore a memorable theme and there's a lot of little flaws here and there, like the exceed drumming. I think it's a common trait of many 6th stage themes though, such as Hellfire Mantle. And then again, this is probably just me being ridiculously finnicky about stuff, so it probably isn't that way. It's just how I feel it.
Generally then, there's not much hope for this theme, as the original will always feel better, and to make an arrange of it is always a little far-fetched. I've seen fowks saying UI-70s version is good, which considering its potential, it is, but doesn't float my boat.

And this is where Rute comes in. This is just so bloody amazing jesus lord, really, really good. I think he just nailed the whole vibe to it and managed to make an arrange on its own right. Granted, it's a tad long, but it packs that ethereal, yet tension-building beat to it, without alas, abusing drums.

Ultimately this whole shebang is well appropriate, considering Youmu is one of the strangest entities in Gensokyo as well. Half-ghost (fuck yeah Myon =w=), half-human. Not only this, the relationship between Yuyuko and Youmu is very intriguing as well, whimsical, flaky glutton mistress clashes with disciplined, tough girl. Or rather, they never clash, and there's a strong sense of loyalty behind it, which just adds up to the magic of it.
So I guess the theme, fitting as it must be, would need to come out something pretty difficult to grasp, but thoroughly enjoyable afterwards.
And moreover, if we get to look at the guy with the beer behind the series and realize that he probably thought about all of these factors at once and managed to churn it out just like that, this is truly one of the most stunning themes in Touhou.

I guess Ultimate Truth is just like alcohol, after all!