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October 2013 to March 2015

Title【東方】東方導命樹 ~ Mystical Power Plant【Normal】
Description-- Caution, Long Description --
東方導命樹 ~ Mystical Power Plant, Normal Mode
Script Version: 0.01a


Developers Blog:

"Touhou ~ Mystical Power Plant" is a Touhou danmakufu game that was recently released for the Nico event 第5回東方ニコ童祭. At the current moment, the game offers every little thing that is present in a usual Touhou game, such as the usual stages themselves, spellcard practice, and so on, with exception of the Extra Stages which will be included in future updates. The game also introduces a new difficulty mode called the Danger mode, which can be selected in the difficulty selection screen.

Touhou ~ Mystical Power Plant introduces a gimmick called the Skill Tree (or Life Guiding Tree.... A Moriya breakthrough!!). The effect of the tree varies upon your chosen protagonists, as such (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong):
~ Reimu Team - Increased bomb duration and decreases collision detection
~ Marisa Team - Increases item absorption rate and increased speed and firepower
~ Sanae Team - Increased firepower, spellcard, and item absorption.

The Skill tree gauge can be increased by collecting Leaf Orb's, which are dropped by bosses and certain enemies. Upon reaching Level 7, you will gain a life piece and your skill tree gauge is returned to Level 0. Aside from that, your item auto-collecting ability is also affected by your Skill Tree, as such that you are only able to auto-collect if your Skill Tree is at least Level 1.

Also to say, Imperishable Night's character selection gimmick is present as well. The presented characters is as shown in the intro part of this video (interesting art concept indeed).

In regards to Music, WanWan takes the helm once again in producing the music for this game ~


For those wondering about the lag condition in this game, it is substantially present in this game as well, and more so than their previous game, TLC. This is mainly due to the heavy usage of 3D effects within the stages themselves, and I often find myself having a lagging fit starting from Stage 5 onward (I must admit, the effect looks awesome though). Thankfully enough, I didn't lag as much during practice mode and managed to get an acceptable frame set (55 ~ 60 fps). While this can be easily fixed by setting the Cut Effect value to 4, however this also removes the 3D background which makes the whole experience feel incomplete.
Anyhow, I'm not sure if the lag is entirely caused by the game itself or my laptop, however the game seem to run flawlessly at 60fps in the developer's gameplay video:

Also to say, I apologize for the frame rate in this replay. I was lucky enough that Fraps decided to cooperate with me in recording these footage's (except for that one part in stage 5). In any case, I will also be uploading my 1cc attempt of this game with the Cut Effect value set at 4. I might attempt and do Danger mode, if I'm crazy enough.

In regards to first impressions on this game, the stage layout are alright and entertaining enough, though the difficulty makes me wonder if I'm playing at the right difficulty setting. Each of the bosses has a nice set of spellcards which are visually captivating and interesting. Also, I feel that WanWan did a great job at composing these themes as they are really enjoyable to listen to, as well as projecting that ZUN-like feeling. Needless to say, I simply can't get enough out of the Stage 4 and Stage 5 Boss theme.


Stage Timelines:
Stage 1: 0:52 ~ 5:48
Boss - Aragami no Kusuko
Player - Nuclear Shinto Team 1

Stage 2: 5:49 ~ 10:59
Boss - Tobikura Momo
Player - Magic Buddhism Team 1

Stage 3: 11:00 ~ 16:14
Boss - Saraka Sant' Angelo
Player - Faith Gathering Team 1

Stage 4: 16:15 ~ 22:49
Boss - Suitokuim Tenmu
Player - Faith Gathering Team 2

Stage 5: 22:50 ~ 31:30
Boss - Yaezaki An (and co.)
Player - Magic Buddhism Team 2

Stage 6: 31:31 ~ end
Mid-Boss - A certain reporter we all know
Boss - Magahara Mitama
Player - Nuclear Shinto Team 2