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October 2013 to March 2015

TitleIaMP Scenario Theme: The Moon
DescriptionThis is a scenario theme from Touhou 7.5: Immaterial and Missing Power

◊ Arranger: NKZ

Nice going, NKZ. "Marisa's day scenario. The Moon". Yeah. But sometimes, you can see the moon during the day. But I think he is referring to Marisa, because I like to think she symbolises the moon, but in human form. A bit like Jesus, perhaps.

And yes, the loop might drive you crazy and give you an all-expenses paid trip to the loony bin, but I think it's a great theme to listen to when you're trying to sleep, because there is no melody for you to pay attention to, so you can not think and sleep. Also, if you're doing stuff, it's not distracting or anything. Actually, you barely notice it. Trust me, I've tried.

And if you're wondering, "Hey Jess/Flan/whatever you feel like really, why is Tewi in the picture?"

The answer is simple. I like the picture, Tewi just happens to be there. Plus you gotta admit, she looks like she's having fun jumping around on stardust, or whatever the hell that stuff is. It's probably one of Marisa's spellcards XD