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October 2013 to March 2015

TitleChina's 東方 Touhou Classic/Folk 22
DescriptionTitle: 明治十七年の上海アリス
Artist: 樋口 秀樹 (Hideki Higuchi)
Album: BorderLine
Circle: Factory Noise & AG
Original: 明治十七年の上海アリス (Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17)

Original text by ChaosAngel:

This was......indeed an odd request.
Unfortunately, I can't recall the name of the user that asked me this because I was going to reply him/her and I clicked on the wrong button, so instead of "reply" I "delete".
Anyway, one of his/her request was an arrange, of any song, in a "festivity/festival tone". He/she also asked me if I could upload it at 4th of July (I assume he/she wanted something to listen while looking the fireworks of the America's Independence day, thing that as you guys can note, I totally failed to do it.

I apologize to you mysterious user for the delay on this, but I hope I can make it with this song I uploaded.
It was hard to picture this "carnaval/festival/festival" tone when I assumed this was requested due to the celebration yesterday. Since everything I listened to sounded, way too eastern for me.

This one, is nothing American at all, in fact....I consider it more Irish than anything else. By some reason, these japanese arrangers, when they say "Here goes a bit of folk", they only get to do this "Irish" vibe thingy. I don't dislike it, in fact I'm very fond to them, but I always ask to myself how those japanese think the western folk music sounds alike. Yes of course, no one is going to do a country/western Touhou arrange album (sadly), but sometimes I would like to listen something less, celtic and/or Irish.

Aside from that, everything complete fails cause 明治十七年の上海アリス is one of the most eastern songs of all Touhou franchise, that is if it's not the MOST eastern song of Touhou franchise. So, trying to picture America's festivities with this songs is like trying to divide by 0. But well, "festival" sound is "festivl" sound, thing I think you can picture in here.

And also, come on, its 明治十七年の上海アリス, one of the most creative and enigmatic songs of Touhou. You can't say you don't like the arrange.

Hope I can ammend my delay, mysterious user.
Thanks for watching.


China's theme is probably one of ZUN's most catchiest songs ever, tbh I believe it's hard to not like the song, it just has a vibe that you cant reject. Not to mention it's an extremely complex song too.
It's a bit of a pity though that not many people arrange it much. But when people do you just gotta love it.