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October 2013 to March 2015

TitleREAL 東方 Touhou Unplugged/Classic 184
DescriptionTitle: Viollet Orden
Artist: Precious Sounds
Circle: Croak Not Rue
Album: 白玉楼はEscでお願いします。
Original: ネクロファンタジア (Necrofantasia)

Halo, everyone. I have just gotten back from a trip to Germany, to be exact, Berlin. The trip was around 6 days long (originally supposed to be 5 but the flight got canceled and postponed to the day after), and I greatly apologize for not leaving a message in the bulletin (which is there for a purpose, jeez, I should have so left a message, again, I apologize).

So, thinking about what to surprise everyone with when I returned, this came to mind. Tbh, I don't really know what language this song is (except for the Japanese here and there), and I do hear Stalin mentioned in the beginning, which makes me think Russian.
But then again, I might be mistaken, since the name of the song is "Viollet Orden" and most of what is spoken seems to be German, sincerely.
So, if anyone has a 100% certain guess, please do share.

As for the artist/circle, I'm clueless this time. Totally new to me, but the album they released in Reitaisai7 is pretty nice, contains a few orchestral tracks that are certainly very unique, with some lines thrown in that makes it look very "movie-like".

For all the PMs I have that are unanswered, I'll get to them when I get the chance, on the bright side, school is ending in about a month sharply, and then, holidays baby.

Danke for watching!

Also, a fact I found out when I was in Berlin, a bottle of water (less than 0.5 liters) water costs 3.20 euros, which is around 5 US dollars. The max I have spent on a bottle of water (and that's 1 whole liter) is around 0.80. Want to know the best part? I later found out the water was sparkling, and I don't like sparkling water. "Naturaleschen" was written on the bottle, and I was too tired and thirsty to care to look for bubbles in the water.
Later my wallet almost committed suicide. THE BEER WAS GOOD THOUGH!