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Video: U4PLouUod7c

November 2013 to March 2015

Title【Sunset Session 103】Off The Witch And A Prayer
DescriptionNight Witches Into The Night Yawn

Artist: tanigon -
Album: 境界の紫
Album artist: 荒御霊
Original title: 魔法使いの憂鬱 (Magician's Melancholy)
Original source: The Grimore of Marisa CD
Original artist: ZUN

Wow, for some reason I have to reupload this video again due to unknown error, but whatever it is, here's a relaxing, almost lullaby=ish piano arrangement of Magician's Melancholy from the Grimoire of Marisa CD.

As the ordinary magician would have said had she heard this song: "kick back, read a book and relax~". I'd also like to add this: "enjoy a cup of tea while we're at it, too~"

Protip: my sister suggested that I used the picture as shown in the video. No idea why, though.