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October 2013 to April 2014

TitleEpic 東方 Arrange #80 Liz Triangle (Horror/Vocal)
DescriptionTitle: 紅薔薇へ捧げる小夜曲
Original: Septette for the Dead Princess
Artists: kaztora, Misaki Nakajima
Vocals: lily-an
Circle: Liz Triangle
Album: B1

Alright folks, I guess I lied.

This one came up on random earlier and I was stunned at what exactly was going on. "HEY WAIT, I listened to this album!", I said. "It wasn't this great!". I'm not exactly sure how or why I came to this conclusion, because every sensory in my body was contradicting those statements.

In fact, I remember being ecstatic when I finally was able to get a hold of this. Yet, for some reason, my initial reaction was completely opposite of what it is now. Maybe I did not give it enough attention. Maybe there was something distracting me from mellowing out and going to the 'zone'. Maybe I was preoccupied. Whatever the reason, It matters not anymore.

HOLY SHIT! Those words pretty much sum up this arrange for me.

I am an absolutely huge fan of epic and gigantic choir-like vocals in my music. Couple that with my undisputed favorite for a final boss theme and you get one dead me. It's unfair, really. I literally time-clocked my goosebumps when they started towards the end of the song. 31 seconds. 31 whole seconds before they even began to settle down.

There's something about lily-an... I dunno. It's not like she has the sweetest voice in the world or anything.. it's just... epic. Some people try to say that Liz Triangle & Co. is overrated. That miffs me. Take a good long listen to this arrange and try to say that again.

Now, as I wipe the pool of tears off my desk I will leave you to this masterpiece.