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October 2013 to March 2015

TitleTouhou Remix P.25 (Instrumental Metal) Medley of Faith 2
Description♦ Title: 封印されし神々
♦ Circle: Magnum Opus
♦ Arranger: Yuji Takase
♦ Website:
♦ Album: 風祝と神様のさいしょの物語 - Preview -
♦ Original Composer: ZUN
♦ From: 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith

Alright folks, the Comiket starts... now! Here's the not so metal first track of Magnum Opus's new preview album (which is simply awesome but you'll hear it by yourself soon enough). It end a bit abruptly but it's only to blend better with the second track. It's not really a medley, but putting the 3 tracks would make up for a very long title.

Btw, once again yt decided that this sound a lot like another song so it put an add. I'll see to make it disappear later...


♦ 封印されし神々 / Sealed Gods

♦ 信仰は儚き人間の為に / Faith is for the Transient People

♦ 神さびた古戦場 ~ Suwa Foughten Field / The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field

♦ Picture:


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