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Title[東方 /ProgRock/ Arrange] Taka - Enter the Pavilion
Description[Title] - Enter the Pavilion
[Author/Circle] - Taka / AKAMETAL Project
[Album] - AKAMETAL
[Date] - Sep 03, 2006
[Original] - Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea ~ Stage 3 Theme
[Game] - Touhou 06: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

This resolution of mine; it burns with yadda yadda
Don't know really what I'm trying to aim for here, except for an excuse to get started. Besides, everyone loves Sacchin, right? Oh how the blood boils with passionate intent when I resort to that wasted meme.

Alright then, since I'm here I might as well develop onto the upload itself. That sounds like a nice plan.

I kept telling myself I'd upload some more CROW'SCLAW all these days, but whichever track I decided upon, it seems all of them have (rightfully) been whored out already, by which I kept delaying it until today.
Selaginella 9 (arrange on Chinese Tea from Crossfire Barrage) sounded like good upload bait at a first glance, but then TF sorta reminisced me of this little shy album hiding in my library. To be perfectly honest, I never lent it proper listening, probably because the track list isn't too appealing. However, the artist cast is quite premiered itself, consisting of our Taka mate here and even Tainokobone and ziki_7. Granted, for such a fierce album title you'd expect considerable more crunchy vibes and fretboard smashing, but eh. Taka will handle it alone himself it that he must.

You guys... I don't know if this is the sort of Taka you dig, but this is more of a Frozen Frog-esque Crow'sClaw here other than the brutallistic riff shredding Taka from Crossfire Barrage and beyond. Which is actually rather dandilicious if you ask me, but it is arguably a little softer than his usual material.

The solo kicks in near the half song so you should probably hold your color until then. I think the track follows a sort of crescendo composition until that point. It's like Meiling is giving it her all to stop the demented red miko from trespassing into Scarlet Devil grounds and her danmaku grows berserk at a point. These scenarios I draw out, mere food for thought. I thought the visual rendition portrayed my imagination rather well, too.

And although Selaginella 9 is a more violent arrange, Enter the Pavilion tells more of an unfolding hectic rhapsody of the gateguard and surely takes the top spot when it comes to Chinese Tea arranges by Taka.

Speaking of which, I wonder what kind of Taka we will see in this next upcoming Reitasai release. Head-long full-out shredding beast or easy-going Taka? Oh boy, the expectation cannot be halted.

P.S. I'm quite trashed from little sleep and a long day, so excuse me for eventual logical flaws, or something.


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