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October 2013 to February 2014

Title[東方 /JazzVocal/ Arrange] panoman - Tea for you
Description[Title] - あなたにお茶を Tea for you
[Author/Circle] - panoman, A~YA / SOUND HOLIC
[Album] - 紅 -KURENAI-
[Event/Date] - Comiket 75 (Dec 29, 2009)
[Original] - The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood ~ Stage 5 Theme
[Game] - Touhou 06: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Hereupon I promise to keep the jazz uploading rate really high up there. I've been slacking off lately in that matter... or rather, to be brutally blunt, I just went all out a few weeks ago and my stocks have grown shy. I'm done making another batch of videos though, so obviously, that means a clement new handful of jazzy stuff. I will serve you well and prosper with it to be sure.

Kurenai has very little jazz for a Sound Holic album, summing up a dandilicious and brutallistic amount of 2 tracks, Strange Scarlet (as performed by the Swing Holic crew) and this one.
I will eventually tackle the other one but let's stick onto this one for now.

Tea for you is such a fun track! Admittedly, it is one ridiculously cheesy tune, heh, which is all the more awesome. I sorta wish A~YA's performances would be akin to this one more often than not. She always sounds kinda clumsy trying to spew a rather mediocre engrish out of her mouth. I'm not native, and it still sorta bothers me. Moreover, it really gets in her way, she tries really hard that woman, she does.
Seriously, Swing Holic should cut the slack to our singing tengu and let her sing the mother language. I think we can all agree on the fact she's got one brutally gorgeous voice, but when she sings in moonfunese, it kind of infatuates, don't you think? She's got such a charming voice.

Oh well, I'm really trashed now, I'll just let lady A~YA do the trick here onwards.

La, la, lala la lala ~


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