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Video: mxMrMfiHSY8

October 2013 to March 2015

TitleTouhou 8 IN - 1cc Stage 5 (Hard)
DescriptionStage 6A:

Team : Illusionary Border Team (Reimu / Yukari)

Stage 5 :
BGM - Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome Kagome

Mid-boss : Tewi Inaba

Boss : Reisen Udonge Inaba
BGM - Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon

Spellcards :

1. Vision Wave - MindBlow (Red Eye Hypnosis) - Ah, screwed up in this spellcard.Couldn't manage to follow the pattern properly (did It too fast also). Still, this spellcard in general is easy to capture if you're focused.

2. Lunatic Gaze - Illusion Seeker - pure hell in Hard mode. I couldn't see the danmaku's properly hence messing up my chance to capture this spellcard. Those illusion eye really screwed me up.

3. Indolence - Mind Stopper - Yet, another hellish spellcard (to me that is) Couldn't dodge the danmaku's which were being shot out from the corners. Hence, having to bomb to save my hide.

4. Spread Sign - Invisible Full Moon - It close..This spellcard requires a photographic memory to capture it easily. Tough you could take the risk and dodge in between the danmaku's, which I did.

Yeah, I know this Stage 5 run isn't smooth, and It wasn't satisfying for me either. Gonna have to practice this stage in Practice Mode.