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September 2014 to March 2015

TitleTouhou Labyrinth 2 - 12th Floor Tenshi
DescriptionTouhou Labyrinth 2; Battle against Tenshi Hinanawi.
.... And a sword.

Player: kkcwkoh

Expedition Team:
~ Komachi Onozuka - Guardian Subclass
~ Keine Kamishirasawa - Strategist Subclass
~ Reisen Udonge Inaba
~ Aya Shameimaru
~ Yuugi Hoshiguma
~ Satori Komeiji
~ Rumia
~ Utsuho Reiuji
~ Kasen Ibaraki
~ Reimu Hakurei - Healer Subclass
~ Alice Margatroid
~ Kogasa Tatara

Average Level: 50

This battle went a lot smoother than the previous bout I had with her yesterday. I was sorta playing it cautious towards the end of the battle as Tenshi has a skill that drops your entire party's HP to 1. Thankfully, she didn't cast it and this made the whole fight a lot easier and manageable.

Unlike your 2nd encounter with Tenshi on the lower floors, she now heavily resists Poison, which means Wriggle can't be used in this fight. Additionally, she now possesses 3 different skills which cuts your front units HP in half, a strong multi-target Nature spell, and one that drops your entire party's HP to 1. However, she is now weak to Dark element, which means Kasen is able to deal some pretty hefty damage with her 1st skill.

The role and strategy I used is pretty much simple:
1. Komachi acts as switcher / part-debuffer
2. Reisen and Satori plays a main role in heavily debuffing Tenshi
3. Yuugi / Alice to inflict Heavy status (speed and defense reduction)
4. Kasen as main attacker
5. Rumia / Okuu attack with their defense ignoring abilities
6. Aya haste everyone if possible.
7. Reimu acts as healer / switcher
8. Keine acts as switcher / buffer